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We welcome customers to visit our factory. We believe after visiting ABBA, you will see for yourself our professionalism and dedication in the production of display, and be glad to have found us.


Upon receiving the product drawings or samples, ABBACREDO’s engineers are happy to assist in evaluating whether to change the material board thickness, metal tube specification, or structure (such as welding structure to K/D structure) to meet the customer’s needs.

Besides standard items, over 90% of our production are custom-made according to customer’s particular needs.


We have absolute confidence and quality in customized products, and we have always provided the best to our customers during these years.

Any types of drawings are accepted, even the hand draft is welcome. The most common file is PDF; some particular structure of display racks can use SolidWorks or AutoCAD files.

Please feel free to send us any types of format; even the hand draft would be excellent. The essential thing we need is the dimension of the store display fixture you need. Please show us the length, width, height, thickness, and as well as the material required. We will be more than happy to serve you and offer you the most competitive price accordingly.

We are a 100% manufacturer. Our factories are in Shanghai and Xiamen. ABBACREDO (ABBA) is the only contact window in charge of communications with customers for providing the best service; all the production works are processed in our factories locally.

If you have a specific color you would like to use, please feel free to provide us the Pantone No., RAL No., or the color sample, we will do the color as specified by you, we will do our best to apply an identical color to match for your needs. If an indicated brand you insist but is not available, please provide us the sources accordingly.

Anything you like, please provide the Pantone No. or RAL No., and the gloss levels. If it’s possible, please provide us the color sample to match. If you do not have any specific requirement for the gloss levels, ABBACREDO will suggest you the one commonly used without the MOQ limitation.

One-Stop Production

ABBA produces customized products, provide design, development, and CAD drawing teams, and manufactures according to customer needs.

Powder Coating

ABBACREDO(ABBA) can meet the diverse surface treatment needs of customers. Customers need to advise Pantone or RAL color numbers to us because there are many choices of powder coating.

In-house Electroplating Facility

ABBACREDO owns state of the art automatic cycle lines and automatic gantry plating lines of which the machines can complete all the electroplating procedures entirely from raw material to the final process.Electroplated surface treatments such as chrome plating, satin chrome, satin nickel, zinc plating, or the current popular gold plating, brass plating or rose gold plating, etc., all can be produced per custom design.If you have any requirements in electroplating, please feel free to contact ABBACREDO.

You Have To Know

ABBACREDO can do the electroplating from the regular sizes to specific large items. Gantry plating line can do 50(W) x 360(L) x 165(H) cm.

We aim to satisfy, so we do not strictly require the MOQ, we will do our best to match customer’s quantities as long as the material and sizes are reasonably obtainable.

The sample should pay at once. A regular invoice should pay in 30% in order with TT, the remaining 70% pay against copy of B/L. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

The quotation will include the carton packing details; if you need the pallets, wooden crate, or another way to pack, please info us in advance so we can quote you the package base on your requirement and arrange the shipment accurately.

Most of the terms of trade between our customers and us are FOB terms. If you need different trade terms such as EXW, C&F, CIF, DDU, DDP, please inform us at the time of inquiry.

The tooling cost is a one-time payment. We will quote the tooling fee separately from product cost. The renewal order won’t have the issue of the tooling fee.


ABBACREDO team has been conducting R&D, testing, and self-challenging to complete tasks from customers. Every time customers visit ABBACREDO’s showroom in Shanghai, they are amazed and deeply impressed by the various finishes of the wooden displays we have achieved.

ABBACREDO provides clients the highest level of satisfaction.

These popular surface treatments can be widely used in clothing stores, jeans shops, bars, shoe stores, or industrial-style specialty store for a trendy customized look.

We can do it for you with different surface treatments

You have to know

ABBACREDO can handle customized products with high composite materials. Whether it is a metal wire, metal tube, sheet metal, stainless steel, MDF, Plywood, particleboard, solid wood, glass, aluminum, acrylic, Plexiglass, PETG, etc. We can combine them to become a complex store display.

Yes, we can attach the LED or Lightbox with the display rack. If possible, please show the details in the drawing or indicate in your design what kind of LED, for example, warm color/cold white color temperature, etc. We will prepare the transformer and plug per customer’s requirements (geographical location). Customers can inform in advance whether it is a European, American, or Australian system.

Yes. Whether in metal, wood, or acrylic, we can print the LOGO according to customers’ needs. We could apply many different materials for LOGO and has multiple presentation methods: screen printing, engraving, stamping, laser cutting, or stickers. Please provide artwork to facilitate.

Upon receiving the product drawings or samples, ABBACREDO’s engineers are happy to assist in evaluating whether to change the material board thickness, metal tube specification, or structure (such as welding structure to K/D structure) to meet the customer’s needs.

Please provide drawings and supplement with video to show the condition. ABBACREDO engineers will give professional evaluations and suggestions. If necessary, we are also happy to assist with proofing for testing.

Yes. Besides the regular shipping documents (invoice, packing list, and B/L), if you need particular documents to reduce import tariffs, etc., please inform us, such as the required format of the C/O (Certificate of Origin) in advance. That is because the form and name of the C/O (Certificate of Origin) used in different countries will be different depending on the FTA signed between each country. We will prepare according to the customer’s request. If there are additional costs, we will inform you in advance.

The advantage of K/D is that it can save volume and disperse the product packaging weight, easy to handle, and save transportation freight, but customers need to assemble it after receiving the goods. The welded structure is usually relatively stable. If the product size is large, it is necessary to strengthen the packaging and use pallets or wooden boxes to move it. The packaging cost will increase, and it will easily cause space loss in the cabinet and increase transportation costs. However, customers can use it directly after receiving the goods, saving assembly time and labor costs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the customers’ priorities, we will fully cooperate.

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ABBACREDO, The Professional Store Display Fixture Manufacturer
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