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World has been under the tremendous impact of COVID-19 pandemic since 2020.  While putting an end to it is the ultimate goal, we try to stay safe and healthy by implementing many safety measures and utilizing products to keep the virus away.  To help as much as we can, our company promptly sent out numerous medical masks to our clients worldwide, followed by getting into the production of sneeze-guard and sanitizer stand. The intention is to help maximize protection and minimize chance of exposure.

<The Perfect way to keep right social distance>

Keeping the right distance can greatly reduce the virus and bacteria being transmitted. In order to protect your clients and yourself, putting that transparent acrylic barrier in place is highly recommended for it’s not only effective as well as cost-effect while keeping the place looking neat and clean.  We can make different shapes and sizes of acrylic sneeze-guard, from 30cm to 100cm.  We can customize precisely to your liking therefore it will fit perfectly at different venues such as bank counter, supermarket or restaurant. In addition we offer diversified packaging, whether it’s single-package for retail purpose or box-package for wholesale purpose, we will gladly customize for you.

<Keep the bacteria and virus away from hands>

Sanitizer is one of the most important sanitizing tools during this pandemic. We touch many objects each day with our hands and contract various types of bacteria and germs we can’t see with bare eyes. Therefore we need to wash hands frequently and use sanitizer to promptly keep hands clean. ABBACREDO takes on the task in producing sanitizer stand.  While most sanitizer stands are made by metal, we also make them with wood and acrylic if clients request.  Moreover, the style of sanitizer holder, whether wall-mounted or flooring stand, we can cater to it no problem.

<Not only commodities, but also service>

We are all impacted by Covid-19, ABBACREDO has received many different requests from our clients, such as extending shipment date, separating shipment content, locating container during shortage, or seeking most ideal way to ship out goods. Each client has a different case; we are here to provide the best solution to help our clients go through this difficult moment together. 

ABBACREDO is devoted to keep up our quality production and professional service, to be the best supplier of store fixtures.  Please feel free to contact us at:

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