Top Trendy Wood Finishes – Store Displays

ABBACREDO understands customers’ needs to utilize different surface treatments to present different display props and store atmosphere that are up-to-date with the current trend. For more than 30 years, the ABBACREDO team has been conducting R & D, testing, and self-challenging to complete tasks from customers. Every time customers visit ABBACREDO’s showroom near Shanghai, they are amazed and deeply impressed by the various finishes of the wooden displays we have achieved.

Here we would like to share some examples with you.

Burning /wood carbonized

The wood-burning techniques had been commercialized for many years in the industry. ABBACREDO developed our procedures by adopting simple equipment to perform the burning operations and achieved the burning/rustic effect of wooden products economically. The finish can be used for Wooden Boxes, Display Shelves, Cabinets, Display Tables, etc.

Sandblasting process

Due to the different growing seasons of solid wood, some timber can be softer or harder than others, such as springtime wood can be quite different from autumn wood. After sandblasting, it creates a deeper texture with different shades on the wooden board. Once the spray painting process is done, it will present the perfect solid wood layering and visual beauty. This surface treatment can be applied toWooden Shelves, Display Risers, Display Racks, and many more.

Wood brushing treatment

Brushing treatment of solid wood or veneered MDF is a way to simulate driftwood. If we use the veneered MDF, the thickness of the veneer should be more than 1mm to prevent penetrating the baseboard during brushing operation. ABBACREDO already has many years of experience in manufacturing different kinds of brushed wood displays and loved by many. The finish can be used for Nesting Tables, Wooden Cabinets, Gondolas, etc.

Recycled wood/weathered wood

If our customer has its designated supplier of recycled wood, ABBACREDO can purchase from the appointed material supplier. However, ABBACREDO has successfully developed and manufactured simulated recycle/weathered wood by ourselves and use widely in our products for many years. Its popularity is evident by the repeat orders we’re received over the years. The imitation recycled wood products produced by ABBACREDO demonstrate the full antique flavor and gathered many clients as big fans. The finish can be used for Cash Counters, Wooden Display Racks, Multi-Function Display Stands, Coffee Counters, Risers, etc.

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