6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Store Display Fixture Manufacturer

Potential customers ask how ABBACREDO (ABBA) remains a top role model in the shopfitting industry for more than 30 years. Why is ABBACREDO (ABBA) chosen over other competitors worldwide? The succinct answer is we are self-driven to conduct business with integrity while upholding quality at competitive prices. More facts as below:

1. About Sales – Communication

Our teams are sophisticated, experienced, and very skilled; more than 100 professional staff have over 15 years of shopfitting experience so we can understand customers’ needs, possible pitfalls, and technical requirements to save precious time and are always easy to communicate.

2. Development and Design- Professional Knowledge

ABBACREDO has professional engineers and prototype sample makers that understand customers’ requirements to provide drawing analysis, structural testing, and solution to cost-down. The result is accurately-made products promptly on time.

3. Production Line – One-Stop Manufacturing Service

More than 95% of the production process is completed in our facilities. This ensures the quality and delivery of products meets customer requirements, furthermore avoids excessive outsourcing, unlike most manufacturers which can result in uncontrollable quality and delivery issues. Even surface treatment facilities that require serious investments are part of our set-up under our roof.

4. About Quality-Implementation

Dozens of experienced QA & QC quality control personnel provide strict control from the beginning process to the final product. They give an immediate solution to problems found on the spot and do not allow defective products to be sent out. Well, implementation is key to making accurate and high-quality products.

5. Cost Down-Reasonable Price

Through various suitable and proper production arrangements in the factory, unnecessary expenses are best avoided. Ensuring each client get the products at reasonable prices is our mission and goal.

6. Financial Health- Cooperate in Stability

ABBACREDO’s financial position is very stable. Under such circumstances, we can provide our partners with maximum financial support so that both parties can create a win-win situation.

As a pioneer in the shop fixture industry, ABBACREDO (ABBA) treats employees well and provides the stage for them to exert their capabilities. We believe in retaining quality employees as they are an intangible asset to the company and the essential force at backing up our business partners at full strength.

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