Your Mission Impossible, ABBACREDO Make it Happened for You!

ABBACREDO Offers Customized Displays

If you have custom designs of store display fixtures and are looking for a factory to make a prototype and run production for you, ABBACREDO will be your best choice! We can do metal works, joinery, acrylic displays, glass shelves, Gondola with LED strips, and even complex materials assembled as one display unit, and much more. They can all be done under one roof.


One customer had a case of a balloon display stand in his hand. For years, he couldn’t find any factory with the ability and willingness to produce samples for him within his limited budget. Despite he was confident that this balloon display has market demand in European department stores and shopping malls, no factory was willing to help him try it out. During 2017, the client approached the ABBACREDO sales representative for assistance. ABBACREDO’s R&D team immediately proceeded with the case.

Case Study – Mobile Balloon Tower Display

In the case of the Mobile Balloon Tower Display, the original drawing was not detailed about the spiral structure on the upper part of the product. After the customer sent the prototype of the spiral tower to us, we found out the arc-shaped spiral tower was made by flat iron with grooved edging and it should be done by special machines. However, the cost of the mold was extremely high, far exceeded the customer’s budget.

Constantly Testing for Solutions

Based on the customer’s budget limit and the desire to maintain the original design effect, ABBACREDO recommended using metal wire instead of the arc-shaped grooved edging. Initially, we tried wire bending test with the same diameter of 6mm but that failed as the wire material was too hard to fit tightly to the spiral flat iron. Then we used the softer metal wire instead but found out that the surface of the wire after bending had unevenness which was an issue. After several tests, we got the best result by using a 4 mm diameter wire instead and recommended to our customer, it was accepted and the sample was subsequently approved by the happy customer.

Meet Client’s Budget with Happy Ending

The ABBACREDO team sought to produce suitably curved wire molding jigs for the result of quality products. Although difficulty increased as we try to complete mass production by hand, we nonetheless met the quality requirements and delivered on time within budget. The roll-out plan made customers very satisfied and expressed their gratitude toward the professionalism and dedication of ABBACREDO’s production team. This was the greatest comfort to all ABBACREDO team members. Many more repeat orders were without hesitation given to ABBACREDO. The customer also put forward many different projects to develop with us. We were given conceptual drawings or design drawings then ABBACREDO’s technical team came up with a concrete plan and feasible suggestions on the structure and materials. We have built a trusting partnership since then and still going strong.

Design companies and shopfitters are welcome to contact us anytime.

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