Things to Know about Custom Acrylic Products for Retail Store Displays

Are you looking for sign holders, jewelry displays, cosmetics display, risers, leaflet holders, etc. that made of acrylic? Come to ABBACREDO, we offer a wide range of customized acrylic displays and we are here at your service.

Why Choose Acrylic/Plexiglass?

Acrylic is also known as Plexiglass. It is a material easy to re-shape and can create a lot of uniqueness to the displays and products. Acrylic is characterized by high molecular, lighter weight than glass, and is widely used in many product displays instead of glass.

One-Stop Acrylic Products/Plexiglass Products

ABBACREDO has rich production experience, excellent R & D capabilities, and technical strength, which can satisfy customers’ various customized acrylic product needs. ABBACREDO acrylic factory provides a complete and consistent operation mode, from incoming materials, cutting, laser cutting, polishing, bending, gluing, combining, finishing to packaging, etc. The entire product manufacturing process is completed in-house.

Competitive Price & Short Lead Time

Since the beginning, we have adhered to the customer-oriented service spirit, communicated closely with our customers, and worked tirelessly to integrate traditional industries with technology to enhance the added value of our products. We provide customers with the best quality, most competitive prices, and the shortest delivery time. Let customers from the time of ordering to receiving the product, the whole process is as painless and enjoyable as can be.

In-House Production – Fully Equipped

To meet the high-end quality requirements of acrylic displays of internationally renowned brands, ABBACREDO is equipped with a full range of professional acrylic equipment. For example: cutting machine, laser engraving machine, mechanical engraving machine, double-sided diamond polishing machine, trimming machine, heat bending machine, carton printing slotting machine, and constantly updating ourselves.

All Kinds of Display Stands in Acrylic

ABBACREDO can offer acrylic literature holders, jewelry display stands, acrylic risers, acrylic shoe shelves, acrylic shoe support racks, acrylic sunglasses stand, acrylic storage boxes, acrylic cubes, acrylic trays, acrylic bins, acrylic sign holders, display stands, display showcase, signage, cosmetic displays, bracelet stands, necklace stand, computer support stand, cell phone holders, business card holders, monitor display stands, tabletop display stands, literature holder, leaflet holder, acrylic cutting letters, creative design, etc. All products can apply with LOGO silkscreen printing or stickers for added customization.

Do You Want to Know More about Acrylic Products and How We Made Them?

1) What is the difference between new acrylic material and recycled material?

Ans: The new material is crystal clear; the recycled material yellows easily. ABBACREDO acrylic materials are made of new material, no recycled material concerns ever.

2) What are the choices and colors of acrylic?

Ans: In terms of light transmission; there are transparent, semi-transparent/translucent, opaque, frosted/matte, or fluorescent effects. For example, we generally use translucent white acrylic for an LED lightbox. To create a sense of technology, fluorescent acrylic panels can be considered. There are a variety of acrylic colors to choose from. Clear, white, black, and frosted acrylics are commonly used. Other special colors are also available but might have a minimum order requirement for material purchasing.

3) What are the acrylic splicing methods?

Ans: We can make 90-degree bonding or 45-degree miter joint according to customers’ needs. 45-degree miter joint has brighter refraction effect which is loved by many customers.

4) How to make acrylic glue without bubbles?

Ans: To reduce bubbles, it has a lot to do with the acrylic panel, structure, environment, temperature, glue itself, and the understanding of internal stress of the acrylic panel, etc… The bubble problem must be tested in combination with various reasons before it can be resolved and it is also expertise with accumulated experiences. The acrylic displays we make rarely generate bubbles which are highly affirmed and appreciated by all.

5) What is the difference between Cast Acrylic and Extruded Acrylic?

Ans: The tolerance of the cast acrylic thickness is slightly higher, but it is relatively flexible and easy to process. Most of ABBACREDO’s processing adopts cast acrylic. The thickness of the extruded acrylic is more precise, but it is hard to be processed. Based on product structure and customer needs, we choose the most suitable acrylic sheet for the production.

6) What is the difference between flame polishing and diamond polishing?

Ans: Flame polishing is a traditional acrylic polishing process, but is gradually being replaced by diamond polishing. If the acrylic panel is less than 6mm, it can be flame polished. With a thickness of more than 6mm, it is recommended to use diamond polishing to obtain a better cross-section crystal effect.

If you have special needs for customized acrylic display stands, please contact ABBACREDO. You won’t be disappointed.

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