The Real One-Stop Solution for Shopfitting, ABBACREDO Builds it from Scratch and Covers All Your Needs

Work with Factory Directly to Cut Cost in Store Display Fixtures

Do you have retail stores and want to source factories of store display fixtures for your market expansion plan? Contact ABBACREDO now.

ABBACREDO Can Cover it All

From cash counter to wall cabinet, free-standing to tabletop display, POP or gondola with metal fixture accessories, clothing racks, shoe riser, jewelry display stand, or acrylic sign holder… ABBACREDO can cover it all. We offer a one-stop shopping service to make your store opening much more straightforward and cost-effective.

No Worry about Drawing Issue! Let ABBACREDO Help

Some original designs may limit customers on their own, and they may not have excellent drawing capabilities and worry about not being able to communicate with the manufacturer for production. ABBACREDO can provide not only OEM but also ODM services to solve your problems as long as the client can provide their concepts, hand-drawn sketches, photos, or related information to us. Our team can even send staff to do an on-site survey and measurement needed for the project under the premise of patent and trademark protection. ABBACREDO can assist in completing rendering drawings and manufacturing drawings for customers to verify and confirm before sampling and mass production.

[Case Study – Customer Found ABBACREDO by Word of Mouth]

Per word of mouth, a retail customer found ABBACREDO to help them develop new brands in the new markets. The customer used to buy Gondola shelving through other traders, but they started to source factories directly to reduce costs. They found ABBACREDO per their friends’ high recommendation.

Understand What Customers Need

A new customer does not have graphic designers to provide us detailed drawings, only some relevant photos of shelves, catalogs of the display product series they purchased before, and some metal fixture samples. The information was not sufficient to fit props for the whole store. ABBACREDO sent a team to visit the site to investigate those unrecognizable structures, make some dimension measurements, and conduct surveys on how they used these displays and what they might need to make daily store operation better and swift.

Solve Problems and Reduce Costs

In consideration of maintaining the structural strength and not deviating from the original appearance, we recommended customers using metal tubing of similar specifications or veneers with identical color tones that are readily available to reduce the costs and also to avoid MOQ restrictions. For some components involved in assembly or connection issues, we made the necessary strengthening and modification suggestions from a professional perspective.

Tailored for Customers

The sample delivering cost alone would be astonishing due to the large number of samples related to the whole series of store products. We, therefore, recommended our customers come to our factory for inspection and communication face to face. As customers’ time was limited, our teams worked and reacted at a fast pace. For any design changes discussed on-site, our teams made modifications and testing immediately. A quick turn-around is ever so swiftly. We worked with customers as a team to solve all technical and quality issues efficiently during their short stay and received numerous high praises.

Continuous Improvement for Maximum User-Friendliness

We highly value the feedback from customers or shop staff and wish the display racks we produced can become their competent assistants in blooming sales figures and make expansion plans smoother. To make Gondola displays more convenient for assembly and use, we are relentless in improving. For example: Change heavy wooden back panels to lightweight plastic corrugated board. Reduce the weight of cabinet drawers for easy assembly and daily operation. Change to drawer castors with bearings for better function in moving. Add end panel with customer’s logo printing for advertising purposes as well. The list goes on.

Focus on the packaging and make assembly faster

In this case, the client planned to open several new stores at the same time. To reduce the customer’s packaging, transportation, and store installation costs, we took great care in the packaging method, repeatedly simulating, using carton packing, palletized, clear labeling according to the store names, and even the stacking method inside the container, etc. Per the customer’s request to install the stores in the quickest time, we adopted bulk packs to reduce the time of unpacking carton and packing materials used while still protect the products in the top and safe conditions. We did the best planning so customers could assemble successfully and opened the shops in the shortest time as scheduled.

ABBACREDO is always ecstatic when customers share store opening photos, videos, and thank-you letters. These are the great motivations for our team to continue providing a one-stop shopping service to all kinds of retail businesses in need worldwide.

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