Let Your Shop Shine – The Key Factors about Electroplating Quality

ABBACREDO Offers Quality Chrome Finish Store Display Fixtures

Electroplating can be applied to various metal display fixtures and stands. ABBACREDO’s excellent electroplating quality makes the display racks shine and compliments the products, attracting consumers’ attention, and increasing their desire to buy. If you have a storefront or need for display equipment, such as a branding company, department store, store design company, supermarket, drugstore, shopfitters, importer, boutique, retailer, and so on, then we are the best supplier to do electroplating for your display racks.

ABBACREDO’s Electroplating and How it Works

ABBACREDO’s electroplating plant has a group of outstanding engineers with over 25 years of production experience. Our plant adopts environmentally friendly cyanide-free electroplating using an electrolytic process to deposit a metal or alloy on the surface to form the metal layer. This metal coating can enhance the metal’s corrosion resistance, increase hardness, prevent abrasion, improve lubricity, increase heat resistance, and elevate surface brightness.

In-house Electroplating Facility

ABBACREDO owns the automatic cycle lines and automatic gantry plating lines of which the machines can complete all the electroplating procedures from raw material to the final process. Meanwhile, we are committed to environmental protection during the electroplating process and comply with all national and local environmental laws and regulations. We have an independent laboratory and central control room while facilitating continuous research and development and monitor quality control. Besides, our advanced automated production equipment guarantees top product quality and timely delivery.

The Capacity of Automatic Electroplating

Automatic cycle line accepts product size 50cm(W)x80cm(L)x183cm(H).

Automatic gantry line accepts product size 50cm(W)x360cm(L)x165cm(H).

The automatic gantry line is perfect for big object’s items, such as garment racks, metal frame, table, grid panel, and many more.

Want to know more and what makes ABBACREDO different?


1) Why is ABBACREDO’s plating quality far superior to others?

The brightness of electroplating depends on the grinding, polishing, the time and conditions of electroplating operation. The ABBACREDO grinding process is precise, supplemented by the correct ratio of chemical potions, and rich in plating experience so we produce top quality plating products recognized widely. Our service has been well received by customers, such as Macy’s, Loblaw’s, YM Inc., Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Kohl’s, David Jones, etc.

2) How to avoid plating discoloration (turns yellow) after electroplating?

The common issue for the plating part is discoloration (turns yellow) unless a special plating method like auxiliary anodizing is implemented. But it is not cost-effective and most customers wish for other alternatives. So the ABBACREDO team continuously carries out research and development to adjust the proportion of solutions and accumulate our abundant experience. The result is in reaching a drastically reduced discoloration occurrence to a mere rate between 0% and 5%. The quality of plating has been widely recognized and well-praised by customers. The ABBACREDO team will continue to work for quality.

3) What is the difference between chrome and nickel plating?

Chrome plating has a better effect in anti-corrosion and brightness than nickel plating. Chrome plating is added on after nickel plating, so it increases the brightness and is anti-corrosion. ABBACREDO had successfully produced many stain nickel products which are anti-corrosion without the chrome plating process. It won’t be possible without the continuous effort and experience accumulated by ABBACREDO. It is one of the reasons many customers have become loyal fans of ABBACREDO. In the future, ABBACREDO shall stay relentless in improving quality, shortening lead time, reducing costs, increasing competitiveness, and strengthening feedback to customers.

4) What are the advantages of the automatic gantry plating line? How is it different from the automatic cycle plating line?

The automatic cycle plating line is efficient in the mass production of small objects and each production line can load many products for electroplating. The gantry electroplating line is suitable for large projects; the number of products that can be loaded in each round of production is limited which increases processing time and inevitably the cost. However, ABBACREDO can offer two systems simultaneously for your different projects which means the ability to provide the right solution is our strong suit.

If you have any requirements in electroplating, please feel free to contact ABBACREDO.

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