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ABBACREDO (ABBA) is your best partner when it comes to Store Fixtures, Shop Fittings, and Display Equipment. Our streamline of professional production facilities with rich experiences that focus on quality and business conduct integrity endure the test of time in over 30 years. Our strengths don’t stop here. From customized products to a one-stop service, we have completed numerous tasks and provided our customers with feasible solutions. You don’t spend on just store displays, you buy a total solution with peace of mind and professional service.

Customers Around the World

We export to markets throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Japan. We have served many supermarkets and department stores such as Walmart, Target, Loblaw’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, David Jones, and countless brands, chain stores, and retail stores. Brands in the local market including Starbucks, UNIKCY, and many more as they rapidly expand.

ABBACREDO Knows What You Want and What You Care About

ABBACREDO knows what the common problems are and we pay great attention to these details to prevent from happening.

1) Welding scars, chamfers, burrs…

→ These are the most basic requirements. ABBACREDO’s workers are trained to make the so-called welding scars beautiful and strong without de-soldering. All products are to be chamfered at corners, de-burred, and smoothly ground at all corners and edges so there’s so chance not of cuts to hands. It is very crucial to prevent safety incidents from happening to workshop staff and end-users as well.

2) Surface treatment procedures are environmentally friendly

→ABBACREDO’s in-house finishing process meets environmental protection requirements with eco-friendly techniques of powder coating and electrical plating. The finish quality is also guaranteed.

3) Conduct quality control

→ABBACREDO implements self QA & QC operation SOP for all manufacturing processes such as incoming inspection (IQC), process inspection(PQC), and finished product inspection (FQC), functional test, etc. We constantly review and keep improving to achieve excellence.

4) Combination of different types of materials (metal, wood, and acrylic…)

→ABBACREDO can handle customized products with high composite materials. Whether it is a metal wire, metal tube, sheet metal, stainless steel, MDF, Plywood, particleboard, solid wood, glass, aluminum, acrylic, Plexiglass, PETG, etc. We can combine them to become a complex store display.

5) Display equips with electrical devices

→ABBACREDO can install visual/audio/LED light and electronic devices according to customer needs. The transformers can comply with the local electrical standards.

6) Diverse small quantity procurement (One-stop-shop solutions)

→ABBACREDO has rich project management experience to offer one-stop-shop solutions. We have assisted many customers in international store expansion. We work closely with our customers to ensure store displays are shipped on time and store installation completely smoothly.

7) Packaging and shipping solutions

→ABBACREDO always pays attention to safe packagings, such as adding bubble wraps, protection to corners, styrofoam, or recommends pallet, wooden crate or wooden box packaging according to various product sizes and weights to ensure the goods are delivered in impeccable condition.

8) Factory audit requirements (such as quality, social and ethical responsibility)

→ABBACREDO has always cooperated with customers in factory audit requirements. In addition to applying for ISO9001 and ISO14001, ABBACREDO has passed social and ethical responsibility such as WCA, Sedex. We also comply with customers who conduct their factory audits; such as Primark, Starbucks, and others.

Let’s Work as a Team and Build Partnership

We highly welcome Design Companies, Shop Fitters, Importers, or Business People eager to explore new markets. Let’s discuss further the possibility of being partners and working together.

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