Compliance is the King – ABBACREDO Have Passed All Kinds of Factory Audits

Your Long Term Business Partner

ABBACREDO is a store display manufacturer that provides a wide range of shop fittings, such as  POP Displays, Gondolas, Clothing Racks, Shelving, Jewelry display, Sunglass Display Stands, Nesting Tables, Showcase, etc. We produce custom made designs with over 35 years of experience. If you are looking for a qualified factory that passes factory audits in ISO, Social & Ethical Audit for a win-win long term business relationship, welcome to visit our factory site and know more.

Qualified Many Types of Factory Audit – ISO9001, SEDEX, WCA, D-U-N-S etc

The factory audit is to examine the management of the factory. So far ABBACREDO has passed numerous types of factory audits so you can be at ease to collaborate with us, ABBACREDO (ABBA). We manage our manufacturing sites base on the EHS system (Environment, Health, Safety) of which we are committed to environmental protection and comply with all national and local environmental laws and regulations.

ISO Standardized Management

ABBACREDO has passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification  every year. In terms of quality, ABBACREDO implements quality control, monitoring each process of the production line, and standardizes its operations. With this attitude, we also precisely control and inspect machines and tools. In terms of environmental protection, the EHS Committee (Environment, Health, Safety) set up by ABBACREDO, performs different risks analysis and control requirements, such as dividing work tasks, managing the use of chemicals, storing hazardous materials and recycling of waste.

Social & Ethical Audit

ABBACREDO achieves many different socially responsible audits such as SEDEX audit, Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA), etc. Also, we thrive to cooperate with corporations that have special requirements for audits, for instance, Walmart, Primark, Starbucks, H&M, David Jones, etc. Regarding the requirements of the factory audit in terms of social responsibility, for instance, the welfare, wages, working hours, safety equipment for the workers (PPE- Personal Protective Equipment), and accommodation, which 100% follow government regulation and focus on every employee’s human rights.

ABBACREDO had passed the requirements of Primark’s emphasis on safety of production area; such as alarm for an emergency, protective measure, and equipment of occupational disease, etc. As to the project with Starbucks, their audit focus as on food hygiene and safety of production area, waste management of chemical containers, the safety of protective distribution system, alarm for an emergency, first aid kits, and an emergency exit; ABBACREDO had repeatedly passed all examinations and inspections. Furthermore, our shipping and warehousing center imposes strict security control on goods so we passed the CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) requirement and met factory inspection standards.

Protecting Corporate Identity of Our Customers Like Bird Cherishes its Feather

Under an effective management system, ABBACREDO treats every employee well and provides a safe and secure working environment for employees. We do not hire child labor and do not work overtime. All human resource management complies with regulations. We care and protect the corporate identity of our customers like bird cherishes its feather and will never cause any public relation crisis for our customers. Please feel confident to collaborate with us.

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