ABBACREDO, The Professional Store Display Fixture Manufacturer

ABBACREDO (ABBA) Offers Good Value Store Displays

ABBACREDO puts quality first as it’s built into the DNA of our corporate culture. Customers can buy value-for-money store display racks at a reasonable price. Our founder Mr. Tony Huang continuously educates all employees on the basic principle of “caution is the best skill; stability is the best way.” All employees strive to perform base on this guiding principle for over 30 years and pay attention to the details of each workflow, which is the most natural and fundamental work attitude. From placing an order to receiving goods, customers can be assured of quality.

Manual Production Cannot be Completely Replaced by Machinery

Store display manufacturing is a traditional industry. Although some processes can be done by automated machinery, we say the since store display industry is highly customized, manual production still cannot be completely replaced. ABBACREDO on-site team leaders are generally promoted from entry-level. In addition to their rich front-line working experience, they also have a strong sense of responsibility and regularly remind all staff to keep in mind the founder’s basic principle. Each employee pays attention to the details of each work process, fully understands the contents of the client’s drawings, and proceeds according to the approved sample quality and established SOP operation instructions.

Reduce Defective Rate –ABBACREDO Pays Attention to Process Details

ABBACREDO employees treat each display fixture product as a masterwork with the spirit of craftsmanship. Each step and process must be carefully put in place including welding, finishes, building molds, grinding processes, and the placement of semi-finished products and finished products, etc. The products or components must not be misplaced, lost, scratched, rusted, or bumped during the process and avoid moving around to minimize the impact of quality, delivery, and additional cost that may incur by rework.

Pack Optimally and Save Shipping Costs

Whether to ship fully assembled or Knock Down (K/D) Flat Pack, unless the customer has specific instructions, ABBACREDO team evaluates thoroughly base on many aspects (such as product structure, assembly difficulty and time-consuming, packaging dimension, volume, freight cost, delivery time and allowed assembly time, etc.) before giving our best suggestion. ABBACREDO also simulates and tests for the most appropriate safe packaging materials and packaging methods in advance to avoid damage during transit. In the meantime, we try to make the packing volume as small as possible to save customers’ shipping costs.

Focus on Quality Assurance (QA) & Implement Quality Control (QC)

Base on the ISO management system, we assure customers of quality. We adopt MIL-STD-105 inspection and set the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) Level that is most suitable for store display products. From sample inspection, incoming material inspection, process inspection, top article inspection to finished product inspection, we carry out established procedures and inspection standards. If customers have opinions on the quality of the product, the ABBACREDO team will check into it, record related defects, and come up with improvement plans to prevent the same problem from reoccurring. Also, the ABBACREDO team pays great attention to the maintenance of machinery and equipment, parameter settings, instrument calibration, etc. We implement quality control (QC) and continue to do quality assurance (QA) work.

Simulation Testing – e.g. Assembly Test, Functional Test or Loading Test

ABBACREDO conducts assembly tests, functional tests, and loading tests depending on shop displays’ structure and function. It can prevent potential problems and ensure shop displays are functional and safe when putting in use. If a problem is discovered during the simulation test, we check into it right away and provide our suggestions for necessary design changes. As necessary, further by making a new sample per the adjustments and test again until the shop display unit passes the situation simulation test successfully.

Adhere to Quality and Integrity

ABBACREDO has accumulated over 30 years of display rack manufacturing experience in Taiwan and Shanghai. It is a recognized leader in the display rack industry in terms of manufacturing process and management. We are also a qualified supplier for multinational enterprise inspections. Some competitors of the industry reduce prices to grab orders maliciously, cut corners by using thinner material, secondary tubing, and inferior packaging materials, and many other deceiving ways. And, that would only result in significant problems for customers. ABBACREDO adheres to quality and integrity principle in servicing our customers, and this is one of the main reasons that ABBACREDO stands the test of time and enjoy its untarnished golden reputation with word of mouth.

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